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Directed and Produced by Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely

Written by Dylan Neely, Alex Nathanson, Elizabeth Glass, Alex Kovacs, & Hallie Elizabeth Newton

Cast (in order of appearance)

Mailer...Adrian Owen

The Intern...Turquoise Olezene

Susan Temperly...Hallie Elizabeth Newton

Micahel Gardner...Ian Maynard

Young Woman...Hannah Dunne

Santa...Aidan Baker

Chester Haddock...David Shakopi

Picture...Alex Nathanson

Sound...Dylan Neely

Production Support...

Tyler Hazui

Rob O'Conner

Adrian Owen

Office Wall Art...Stephanie Avery

"Letters to John Grisham Theme" by Dylan Neely

"I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" by Clarence Williams and Armond Piron (Okeh # 4740-A// 11-25-1922)

Special Thanks...

Jason Eppink

Everyone at Flux Factory

Dillon De Give

Lena Hawkins

Soda Jerk

Tatiana Kaptan

Carina Kaufman

Phuc Le

Darko Lungulov

Materials for the Arts

Heather M. O'Brien

Suzana Peric

Josh Sandler

Harrison Thurman

Christina Vassallo

Davey Wilson

Filmed at Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY

Sounds Mixing at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, Oakland, CA

With support from the Outpost's Cuts and Burns Residency Program, Ridgewood, NY